Current Graduate Students

NameAdvisorThesis Topic
Jess BargerBlack

North Coast Otters Art Project

Emily Armstrong BuckBrown

The prevalence and distribution of pathogens in Roosevelt elk in Northwestern California

Rebecca CarnielloGunther
Jaime CarlinoJohnson
Samantha ChavezJohnson
Janelle ChojnackiClucasMovement of Common Ravens around Snowy Plovers
Leigh Janet DouglasClucasHuman Disturbance, Invasive Vegetation, and Disease State Impact Use of Protected Wildland-Urban Interface Habitat by Wild Canids and Felids in California’s East Bay Area
Laura EchávezJohnson
Brian FagundesBlack
Travis FarwellClucas
Ash HansenJohnsonImpact of Barn Owls in Napa Valley Vineyards
Makenzie HenkGuntherUsing noninvasive genetic sampling with a Bayesian spatial capture-recapture analysis to estimate abundance of Roosevelt Elk (Cervus canadensis roosevelti)
Haley JonesBrownGrey Fox use of Trespass Cannabis Grow Sites
Frank Juma Ong'ondoJohnson
Corrina KamoroffBarton
Evelyn LichwaGuntherEvaluating Factors Influencing Mexican Wolf (Canis lupus baileyi) Home Range Size and Ranging Patterns; Implications for Management and Livestock Conflict
Sydney McCluskeyClucasComparison of survey techniques for studying small mammal populations
Claire NasrBarton

Identifying spatial overlap and seasonal variation between seabird roosting and breeding sites and human use areas along the Trinidad Coast in California

Steffen PetersonGuntherSource-sink dynamics in a bear population in northwestern California
Chelsea PolevyColwell
Tiana Williams-ClaussenJohnsonCalifornia condor coastal resources utilization under proposed Northern California reintroduction




Recent Alumni

NameAdvisorThesis TopicYear
Wade BurrisBrownKnemidokoptes mites and their effects on the gripping position of Steller’s jay feet2020
Jon EwanykGuntherHabitat use and prey selection by mountain lions in an altered sagebrush steppe environment2020
Lindsey GordonBarton/HudgensEffects of multiple stressors on northern red-legged frogs2020
Deven Kammerichs-BerkeJohnsonForaging selectivity of insectivorous birds in Kenyan shade coffee systems2020
Max MarquezBrownMicronutrient supplementation in relation to hair loss in mule deer2020
Adam MohrBeanSpatial ecology for two subspecies of elk in California2020
Chad MouraClucasShifts in mammalian mesopredator activity in response to drought and varying levels of urbanization intensity2020
Erin NigonBrownEstimates of calf survival and factors influencing Roosevelt elk mortality in northwestern California2020
Doug PageBrownThe effects of feral cat removal on abundance of introduced rats on a Pacific Island, include website2020
Jeremy PohlmanColwellLong term dynamics of snowy plover distribution2020
Kachina RowlandBlackFemale-female competition in Steller’s Jays: in investigation of the ‘Rattle’ call, include website2020
Justin WindsorColwellEstimating time and sex varying adult survival of snowy plovers in Humboldt County2020
Pairsa BelamaricBean

Seasonal movement patterns and fourth order habitat selection by North American Porcupines (Erethizon dorsatum) in a coastal dune system

Matt DelgadoBlack

Investigating the function of achromatic plumage ornaments in Aleutian cackling geese, include website

Brooks EstesJohnson

Farmer perceptions of barn owls as part of integrated pest management in vineyard ecosystems

Holly GamblinGunther

Investigating range expansion and habitat use of Humboldt martens in a fragmented landscape

Allison HuysmanJohnson

Barn owl hunting responses to wine country wildfires

Molly ParrenClucas

The effects of human disturbance on predator assemblages in the Mojave Desert and Central Valley of California

Alyssa MarquezBarton

Response of headwater amphibians to long-term logging impacts, assessing the potential for restoration in Redwood National and State Parks

Rudy MenaGunther

Targeting social cohesion in female Roosevelt elk groups minimizes survey efforts for fecal DNA capture-recapture estimates of abundance

Sarah SchoolerBean

Shade trees preserve avian insectivore biodiversity on coffee farms in a warming climate

Alyssa Semerdjian Bean

Evaluation of range-wide occupancy and survey methods for the giant kangaroo rat

Trinity SmithClucas

Elucidating patterns of bat species richness and composition across a disturbed landscape, include website

Dane St. GeorgeJohnson

Barn owl prey delivery rates in Napa Valley vineyard ecosystems

Andrea TownsendGunther

Tree squirrels and fishers in Northern California: The effects of masting hardwoods on stand use

Dawn BlakeJohnson

Foraging habitat of Pileated woodpeckers in relation to a managed landscape on the Hoopa reservation, Northwestern California

Xeronimo CasteñadaJohnsonHunting habitat use and selection patterns of barn owl (Tyto alba) in the urban-agricultural setting of a prominent wine grape growing region of California2018
Justin DeminaewBarton
Effects of invasive salmonid removal on a sub-alpine herpetofauna community in the Trinity Alps Wilderness of northern California
Liz MorataBlackSeasonal home range variation and spatial ecology of peregrine falcons (Falco peregrinus) in coastal Humboldt County, CA2018
Nora PapianColwellApparent survival of snowy plovers varies seasonally2018
Katelyn RabyColwellWestern Snowy plover nest survival in Humboldt County2018
Genevieve RozhonBlackSex-specific habitat selection of rough-legged hawks (Buteo lagopus) wintering in western North America2018
Jennie Jones ScherbinskiBeanMicroclimate selection of a heat restricted mammal (Aplodontia rufa nigra)2018
Katrina SmithBartonEvaluating habitat selection models to improve site selection in a population monitoring program for Townsend's big-eared bats2018
Ivy WidickBeanEvaluating current and future range limits of an endangered, keystone rodent (Dipodomys ingens)2018
Andrew WiegardtWolfeThe effects of forest degradation on DNA methylation in Central African songbirds2018
Kelly CommonsBlackMobbing behavior in wild Steller's Jays (Cyanocitta stelleri)2017
Trinity TippinBlackPropensity of predator mimicry in wild Steller's jays (Cyanocitta stelleri)2017


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