About EcoSeries

EcoSeries is a weekly speaker series hosted by WiGSS and the Wildlife Department in which local and non-local speakers are invited to share their wildlife-related work. If you would like to recieve weekly email reminders about EcoSeries let us know at and we'll add you to the list. 

Starting Fall 2020 in response to the ongoing pandemic, the HSU Department of Wildlife was pleased to announce a new fall seminar seriesNext Generation Wildlife EcoSeries

Our Next Generation Wildlife EcoSeries highlights the achievements and amplifies the voices of early career wildlife biologists. This next generation of scientists is more diverse than the community of natural resource scientists as a whole. However, we recognize that systematic racism continues to impose barriers for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) seeking careers in natural resources. This speaker series will not only spotlight the professional achievements of BIPOC scientists who are role models for this next generation, it will also serve as a forum to discuss how our field can move forward to reduce barriers and become a more inclusive community. The Wildlife Department is committed to challenging the status quo in the discipline and propelling a more diverse next generation of wildlife biologists.
All talks are open to the general public. See attached flyers for information on upcoming talks.

We recognize that systematic racism  continues to impose barriers for BIPOC  seeking careers in natural resources. 

This series: 

- Highlights achievements and  amplifies voices of early career  wildlife biologists 

- Spotlights BIPOC scientists who are  role models for the next generation ⮚ Opens a forum to discuss how our  field can move forward to reduce  barriers and become a more inclusive community 

Zoom links included in emails for each speaker, or email for more  information

Spring 2021 Schedule 


Thu 3/4 @ 4pm PT 

Juita Martinez, University of Louisiana at Lafayette 

“Factors influencing the breeding success of Brown Pelicans (Pelecanus Occidentalis) in  coastal Louisiana” 


Thu 3/25 @ 4pm PT 

Marshall Johnson, Audubon Dakota 

“I’ve got an idea: The power of choice and perspective in the environmental world” 


Thu 4/1 @ 4pm PT 

Jen Hunter, Hastings Natural History Reservation 

“Research, education and stewardship at the Hastings Natural History Reservation” 


Thu 4/22 @ 4pm PT 

Maybellene Gamboa, Colorado State University 

“Applying an integrative framework for animal reintroductions: what does it mean and  where are we going?” 





updated 2/15/2021